Leading The Way in 3D Printed Foot Orthoses

Best in-class 3D printed orthotics now available by Footwork.

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With 25 years in the podiatry industry and always operated by podiatrists, Footwork has long been regarded as the leading manufacturer of premium foot orthoses in Australia. Over the first 14 years of operation, Footwork used traditional plaster work and vacuum systems for manufacturing foot orthoses. From 2008, Footwork adopted a new custom-built CAD-CAM system and utilised class-leading CNC machining to manufacture foot orthoses.

3D Printing Orthotics

Whilst CNC machining produced exceptionally well-finished and contoured foot orthoses, the volume of plastic waste was undesirable. In addition, CNC machining was somewhat restricted by tool path trajectories that meant some intricate orthotic modifications required further hand-finishing to achieve a desired shape. To combat the high-volume waste and limitations of CNC, Footwork made a full transition to additive 3D print manufacturing in 2019 using the world-class HP Fusion Jet printer.

Footwork’s transition to 3D printing was carefully planned over a 3-year strategic planning process. Rather than simply migrating over existing (or generically available) systems, Footwork’s software engineers designed a new purpose-built CAD system to maximise the capability of 3D print technology. In conjunction with the move to 3D printing, Footwork were first to adopt the premium material used in orthotic manufacturing ‘PA11 nylon’.

TEDx Talk Mentions Footwork’s New Sustainable Approach

The combination of Footwork’s podiatric expertise, the proprietary-designed software, best in-class 3D printing and premium materials is what delivers an industry leading product for podiatrist and their clients.

Key benefits of 3D printed foot orthoses by Footwork:

Environmentally Friendly

Made from PA11 nylon, a premium natural organic resource. 90% less waste than CNC milling polypropylene.

Orthotic Design – Powered by Footwork

Footwork’s new in-house orthotic design software has delivered free-hand, real-time orthotic customisation that perfectly contours the anatomical curves of different feet. Orthotic design is now limited by your imagination!

3D Printing – Powered by HP Fusion Jet

3D printing is incredibly versatile without the restriction and lack of tool path trajectory that affects CNC milling polypropylene.

Premium Durability

Extensively tested by Hewlett Packard engineers and in-house at Footwork.


3D printed nylon is easy to grind and heat adjust if required.