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3D printing unleashes the full capability of Footwork’s new in-house orthotic design software. But it is the combination of Footwork’s design software and best-in-class 3D printing technology and materials that deliver a new benchmark in custom-orthotic manufacturing.

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Product Range

Our range of custom made, precast and cycling orthotics are designed and manufactured to the highest standards each and every time.

product-custom-orthoticsCustom Orthotics

When only the very best in orthotic customisation will do.

product-precast-orthoticsPrecast Orthotics

Manufactured with the same processes as our custom rage.

product-cycling-orthoticsCycling Orthotics

State of the art cycling orthotics built for performance.

Carbon Fibre Spring PlateCarbon Fibre Spring Plate

Extremely thin, light and durable made from premium quality pre-preg carbon.

Why podiatrists choose Footwork

We have a great passion for what we do. Established by a podiatrist for podiatrists only, Footwork knows what you and your patients need.

icon-bypodiatristsBy podiatrists for podiatristsYour prescriptions are only ever designed by a podiatrist, making us the only company with this type of dedicated service in Australia.

icon-turnaroundTurn-around timesWe understand your time is of great importance. We have the infrastructure and production capability to get things done fast.

icon-desginandmanufacturingDesign and manufacturingYour orthotics are designed and manufactured in state of the art facilities to ensuring optimum quality and accuracy.

icon-qualifiedsupportQualified supportOur team of dedicated and experienced staff means that an answer to that tricky question is never far away.


Our design process is handled by our own proprietary software which has been custom developed in-house. This software is the only one of its kind in the industry, and always operated by a fully qualified podiatrist.


We produce orthotic shells of a much higher quality than is possible with traditional techniques. This allows much greater levels of modification and customisation.


From your computer to your door

Our cloud based secure online prescription system allows you to prescribe, send, manage and track all orders anytime, and from anywhere.


Ready to prescribe better orthotics?

Podiatrists choose Footwork for the confidence and peace of mind of doing business with one of the largest, and most trusted orthotic laboratories in Australia.