Choosing our orthotic products means you are providing your clients with the best custom and pre-cast orthotics. Always crafted to the highest levels of precision and quality.

Custom Orthotics

Footwork is a pioneer of producing individually prescribed orthotics using precision machining. This allows us to craft orthotics to a level not possible with traditional techniques.

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Custom software and manufacturing technology means “close enough” is never “good enough”.


Your prescriptions are always designed by a podiatrist. No other provider in Australia is able to offer this type of dedicated service.

Man Vs Machine

Even though initially your orthotics are produced by machines, all post processes are carefully crafted by the hands of our skilled production staff.


Only the highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Fibre and EVA are used.


Our refined design and CNC techniques enable your prescriptions to be accurately produced with tolerances of no more than one micron.


Our closely monitored quality control processes and procedures means our track record of product returns is close to zero.

Customised to the very last micron

We continue to use the proven traditional method of designing unique custom made orthotics for each individual foot scan that comes through our laboratory.

icon-bypodiatristsDigital cast evaluation and balancing
Every foot scan is individually assessed by two highly experienced podiatrists prior to the application of balancing techniques.

icon-bypodiatristsOrthotic milling
Footwork utilise best-in-class Okuma CNC machining centres to achieve their extraordinary orthotic shell shapes and contours.

icon-bypodiatristsDigital cast techniques
Footwork offers endless filling/contouring options for custom-made foot orthotics. We do not use ‘library’ filling techniques; and our proprietary software is only operated by highly experienced podiatrists. It is this combination of clinical experience and cutting edge technology that is unrivalled in the orthotic industry.

icon-bypodiatristsDigital cast correction
Intrinsic correction can be applied to the rear-foot and or fore-foot of the digital cast in one degree increments.

icon-bypodiatristsOrthotic finishing
The dedicated team at Footwork care about how the aesthetic and finish quality of your clients foot orthotics.

icon-bypodiatristsDigital cast modifications
Our experienced podiatrists understand the fine nuances of cast modifications for optimising clinical outcomes, comfort and shoe fit. At your request, we can perform any digital cast modification to your specification. Importantly, our podiatrists know exactly where and how to execute your prescription.



Ready to prescribe better orthotics?

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