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Cycling Orthotics

Spin by Footwork is a new complete custom foot orthotic solution for the cyclist seeking the optimal set-up for performance.

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The full custom approach gives seasoned and professional cycling athletes the edge when every ounce of performance counts.

Custom design

Ever angle is specifically considered. From the shape of the foot, to the often restrictive space of a hard-shelled cycling shoe.

Custom fit

Our cycling orthotics contours the foot and shoe to maximise power transfer.


Keeping in touch with cycling technology, our cycling orthotics are manufactured using moisture resistant covers and 3D printed shells.

Manufacturing tolerances

Our refined design and CNC techniques enable your orthotics to be accurately produced with tolerances of no more than one micron.

Prescribing and manufacturing

Your cycling orthotics are only ever prescribed and manufactured by podiatrists.

Proven by science

In conjunction with professional cyclists from State of Matter MAAP Racing, we have developed an extremely lightweight carbon fibre orthotic designed to maximise performance.

icon-bypodiatristsPower transfer
Maximise power transfer to the crank so nothing is wasted.

icon-bypodiatristsOptimal function
Individually corrected and contoured carbon orthotics to stiffen the foot to optimise function and performance.

icon-bypodiatristsMaximum comfort
Professionally prescribed and fitted to avoid pins and needles and unwanted pressures.

icon-bypodiatristsUltra thin and lightweight
Starting from just 1.8mm, the ultra thin carbon orthotic provides the ultimate balance of weight and stiffness between your foot and the pedal.


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