Choosing our orthotic products means you are providing your clients with the best custom and pre-cast orthotics. Always crafted to the highest levels of precision and quality.

Precast Orthotics

These orthotics are still produced with the same characteristics and quality as custom orthotics, but without a cast or impression, thereby reducing the cost.

Product Preview

Same build quality

All of our pre-cast orthotics are designed and manufactured using the same techniques and materials as our custom made orthotics.

Great range

Our pre-cast range is available in five different varieties which include original, support, support-plus, inverted and court.

Cost effective

Pre-fabricated orthotics are a cost effective alternative than a custom orthotic option.


Our pre-cast range has expanded over more than a decade, incorporating feedback from podiatrists working with patients and athletes.

Off the shelf

We carry a thorough selection of pre-cast orthotic options available for shipping immediately from our Melbourne warehouses.

For everyone

Our range of pre-fabricated orthotics is now available in a size and shape to fit almost everybody.

Pre-cast and made to order

Our precast orthotics ‘Joeys’ offer a range of corrective and contoured devices with the same premium selection of hand-finished cover and padding options as our custom orthotics.

icon-bypodiatristsTo suit most feet
A blend of corrective options to suit a range of foot types in every size imaginable.

icon-bypodiatristsSupportive and shoe friendly
Contoured and ultra-thin for optimal shoe fit.

icon-bypodiatristsFinished to your specification
Hand-finished with your selection from our full range of top covers and padding options.

Cost-effective solution for children and adults.


Ready to prescribe better orthotics?

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